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Essaysmaster.com offers its services for the contentment of our customers. Our terms and conditions are intended to make all the dealings with our customers more relaxed and at ease. We put forward terms and conditions to avoid future disagreements with our clients and make the way more clear rather than obscure. 

By visiting our site and when you approach us for any sort of motive, you agree on the following Terms and Conditions put into practice by Essaysmaster.com. So please do have a close reading with our terms and conditions so that to be familiar with the rules that will genuinely apply at the time of your collaboration with us. When you approach us for ordering an essay or payment, you agree that you have completely read, aware of and concur to be officially corresponding by our terms and conditions. 

Don’t be stressed or upset of our terms and conditions. Because our 24/7 Customer Care Support is always available for you to deal with any worries, anxieties or any questions that may take place with regard to our Terms and Conditions. 

We guarantee you original and free of plagiarism essay paper. It is understood that Essaysmaster.com does not give any guarantees with regards to customer’s grades as a result of submission of the product to whichever educational institution. The only responsibility of us is to write and satisfy the customers as stated by the requirements you have given us. 

It is obvious that full payment has to be done while you order with us. Be careful that illegal use of a credit card or other payment process is prohibited very strictly and it will definitely become a reason for us to charge you as a cheater. 

In case you are not pleased with the services that we offered you, Essaysmaster.com is happy to revise the paper as many times as you require. Nevertheless keep in mind that the original requirements and revision requirements sent by you must be the similar one. Please understand, if we find that the original and revision requirements do not match each other, we will not be making any steps to pay back the money and revise the paper. 

We offer money back guarantee. But you are required to submit a genuine plagiarism report issued by your college/university authority. Essaysmaster.com will not pay back clients' money for the service offered in no other case.You can request a refund in writing so long as it is no later than three days after your order was completed. 

The products given to you are totally original and we will not use it for any of our purposes. The discounts that we offer will be calculated on a per order basis. So by considering all these terms and conditions, let’s go hand in hand for a smooth and harmonious relation. 

Please keep in mind that we may update and revise these Terms and conditions from time to time and the current version of these terms will be posted on the Website.So we recommend you to have look at our Terms and conditions frequently.

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